Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How'd This Happen?

So we are now making a laughable attempt at potty training our 2 year old.  We have the potty, we get him to sit on it daily, and we have yet to have any repeated success.  Unfortunately as a result, my son has now become fascinated by what's going on in the bathroom.  So much so, he's now barging in on my wife whenever she uses one (I lock the door, she doesn't). 

So this brings us to the other night.  I took him to the bathroom to use his potty and watched him sit down, wrap toilet paper around his hand, reach in, wipe his sack, and then get up and flush.  HE'S LEARNED TO PEE LIKE A GIRL!!!!!  

Now while this is adorable now, this could cause him some issues later in life.  As much as I want to fix this, I don't want to turn him off to the idea of the potty, nor do I want to clean up pee off the bathroom floor.  Sometime I wonder if this is my wife's way of screwing with me.

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