Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chasing Baby

My two year old has started to run away whenever he objects to Mommy or Daddy requests.  It could be putting him to bed, changing his diaper, or trying to bathe him.  If he doesn't agree, he's now taking off.    The interesting thing is that the child is running himself into a corner every time.  Without fail, all we have to do is follow him, and scoop him up once he's trapped.

Now while I find this lack of foresight to be both convenient and hilarious, it got me thinking.  If my son was in a horror movie, he would be the first person killed.  Same is true if he's running from bullies in school, or escaped animals from the zoo.  While I feel my job as a father is to prepare him for the world, I really don't want to teach him evasion techniques just so I can bitten in the ass later on. 

Or should this just be something he learns on his own?  Doesn't Darwin state that if an animal runs straight into a wall every time, nature has deemed that creature to be too stupid to live? 

My plan:  If he's still doing this at 10, then I sit him down and knock out two talks in one sitting.  Otherwise, I'm enjoying the chase that only last 30 seconds.

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