Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ethnic Name Game

With the birth of our second son, comes the frustrating task of naming this child.  An exercise in both patience in compromise (the patience demonstrated predominately by my wife).  My wife's goal is simple, give this child a name that is both cute and not very common.  My goal is to give this child a name, that if he ever ends up in prison, it won't get his assed kicked.  So that it our first obstacle.

Our second obstacle is that I am of Puerto Rican dissent, and my wife is for lack of a better term, Wisconsin White.  So whenever she throws out a name I deem to be too white, I counter with an ethnic name that will make my in laws groan.  She suggests Parker, I suggest Diego.  She suggests Preston, I suggest Malik.  She suggests Trent, I counter with Geraldo.

So as of right now, she's frustrated, I'm amused, and our soon to be newborn is named 2.0.

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