Thursday, October 3, 2013

Funny or Wrong?

Today I got the rare pleasure of receiving a phone call at work from my son.  My wife happened to be off, and decided to drop me a line.  Here's the recap:

{on speaker phone}

Mommy - "Say hi to Daddy"
Son - "Hi Dada"
Mommy - "Say Hi"
Son - "Hi"
Mommy - "Ok, give momma the phone"                 
                "Give Momma the phone"
                "Give me the phone"                 
                "GIVE ME THE PHONE"
                "HEY, GET BACK HERE!"

Son - {laughing}

{still on speaker phone}

Daddy - "RUN BOY RUN!!!!" 
              "SHE'S GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU!!! " 

She may have been pissed, but I got a good laugh.

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